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STEPCO specialize in designing hygienic process installations for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry especially in designing SKID modular units located on a solid or mobile frame, transfer panels, valve matrixes and CIP units. We act in compliance with latest legal regulations and we pay special attention to clients’ standards and guidelines.



STEPCO is a member of EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group)

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SKID Systems

Designing SKID modular units which are parts of process installations located on a solid or mobile frame.

Transfer Panels

Design and construction of transfer panels for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

Valve Matrixes

Designing and construction of valve matrixes located on a frame or as a part of process installation system. We can work on the client’s P&ID and list of equipment.

Utylity Stations

Designing utility stations for media supply to mobile functional systems, such as CIP, mobile mixing units and homogenizers.


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